Probate Law

We can help you with many areas of Probate Law.  These include, assisting you with probating a Will, administering an Estate, or contesting a Will.  We can also provide you with assistance in establishing a Guardianship or a Conservatorship, and helping  you prepare partial settlements or final settlements in Guardian/Conservatorships.   In addition, we can handle step-parent adoptions and name changes.

Estate Planning

We offer multiple estate planning services.  We can draft Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Joint Survivor deeds.  We can also advise as to the most effective ways to protect and transfer your property.

General Legal Services

We have the experience to assist and advise you on various types of legal issues.  We represent small businesses and churches, do general civil litigation, drafts deeds for cash transactions, and we handle family law cases.  We can represent you in a personal injury case or other civil matters.  In addition we give general advice and counsel on contracts, deeds and other matters.